Innis Billing provides a low cost and effective solution for managing your accounts receivable collections. Our collection agency uses the latest collections technology and innovative collections techniques. Our company have a long track record of dealing with medical clients and their patients. Our collection program includes a variety of collections tools that are designed to locate, contact, report and secure payment on all accounts placed.

Innis Billing strongly believes every company should get paid for every valid invoice. When you hire Innis Billing, you’ll get the same privacy and professionalism that we give our Medical Billing clients.


  • NO Collection – NO Charge

  • Medical

  • Retail

  • Commercial

  • NSF/Returned Checks

  • Phone Check System capabilities and credit cards

  • Criss Cross Directory service

  • Skip tracing

Are you being told “The check is in the mail”? Are your calls and messages regarding the past due balances being ignored? Have you sent your “Final Notice” letter – AGAIN AND AGAIN? Let us take it from here and give you a peace of mind. We go after every penny legally that is legally yours.