“I had many choices in billing companies, but since choosing Innis Billing, it has turned my accounts receivable around and has made a big difference in my practice’s reimbursement. The service is personalized, knowledgeable, and thorough”. Dr. Gibbs, M.D.

“Julius provides the highest level of personal service with an excellent skill set. His services have contributed greatly to our success”. Raymond Miranti, Manager(Urgent Care)

“since Mr. Innis began working for us, our revenue increased.  He was in charge of coding and editing claims and our clean claims rate was about 99%. There was also less denials and no timely filing issues”. Wishnie, DPM

“Innis billing is precise and very efficient. Our monthly reports are sent to us on a timely basis. Communication between Innis billing and our practice enables smooth and efficient practice management. Charges and coding are always done with 100% accuracy”. Manager, Physical Rehab Medicine